Chef Set (Black)

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11″ Black Skillet Pan

8.5″ Black Sauté Pan

4 qt. Black Dutch Oven

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Our Grand Opening Chef Set (Black)

11″ Black Skillet Pan:
A wide base, which allows heat to distribute evenly. Non- stick interior with pour spouts on both sides for seamless pouring. Ideal to fry, bake, and sauté..

8.5″ Black Sauté Pan:
Cooking is also about presentation. With that in mind we created our Saute skillets. Eat without losing warmth at the table. Great for braising, shallow frying, or anything you need to cook at a very high heat that you don’t want sitting too long.

4 qt. Black Dutch Oven:
Bringing traditional flavor back to your dishes with our combination of modernist designs, colors and functionality. Hecha dutch ovens are made of 100% cast iron with a multi-layering of glazed enamel exterior. Hecha enameled cast iron dutch ovens require no seasoning.  and it s not also pre seasoned like other cheap products.


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